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i went to pep boys on sunday 8/28/11 in naperville, il. jorge did an oil change/tire rotation on my van, he was very rude.

when i got home which is only (8) miles from the store, i had two hub caps missing.

as i back tracked i found one, but never found the 45 minutes of my time was wasted this is unacceptable as i have to go to ford and buy another, because Jorge does not know how to put hubcaps back on a cargo name is charles barstow (630)514-2299. i will never go back to pepboys because of this or recommend p/b to any friends or family or anyone at all.

Monetary Loss: $68.

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So go on and find a reputable shop in your area and have the work done there. It may cost a little more but you have a better chance of getting the work done right.


sounds like a little thing that happened to you on a bad day. if he did the oil change and rotate correct why are you complaining?

i think pepboys would of paid for them if you called them before you went 'hubcap hunting' for 45 minutes! sounds like you're a bit whiny Charles barstow!


docterb sucks


How was he rude?


How was he rude?


I completely agree with you sir. I went to Pepboys to have them look at my car because a noise was coming from the bottom, middle of my car. They told me that it was my back breaks. So, of course, I had them replaced - $250. I drove away the next day and guess what?! The noise was still there. Naturally I was so pissed off I called up the manager and spoke to him. He said that sound travels, and that it's hard to determine what's wrong with a car. What a total ***. I ended up calling their corporate number and speaking with a rep there, who, as you guessed it, turned out to be total BS too. He told me that my problem was the "lube" within my axel wasn't being flushed around correctly and to drive my car backwards in a figure-eight fashion. Seriously, that's what this guy told me. I smelled POO so I went along with it, he gave me a ticket number. I called back the next day and AH! Guess what! The ticked number was bogus too! Explained the entire thing to a new person who basically said to take it to another place and they would match their price. Seriously? I spend $250 on something I didn't even NEED. I ended up taking it to Meineke. This Pepboys in question is as follows:

Indian Trail Center

5607-A Preston Hwy

Louisville, KY 40219

(502) 969-8755

Dear Pepboys - EFF YOU!


pep boys sucks

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