Bridgeport, Connecticut

my husband bought 4 new tires at pet boys alittle over a year ago along with a road hazard warranty. went back because one tire was flat and the one tire had *** in it.

they looked at him like he had two heads and said they would not be able to honor the warranty because in they're professional opinion it wasen't road hazard. i wish i could explain the whole story, but i'm limited to 100 words. ANOTHER CASE OF A CONSUMER GETTING RIPPED OFF. PEP BOY LOCATION BOSTON AVE.


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Bought 4 tires, and to get the buy 3 get 1 free they forced me to buy the road hazard warranty. Tried to use it just this week b/c I have a tire that is not flat, but that I have to pump up every 4 days because it loses air so fast.

First they told me they are 'really backed up' and couldn't see me for 5 days. Then after looking at it, they told me it's just leaking and it wasn't caused by a road hazard, so it's not covered. How absurd. Oh, and on top of that...

if they were to fix it they charge you to rebalance the tires ($69). A new tire is only like $150!

Hate this place.


I also had road hazard insurance and a chunk of my tire came off on the side.I didn't have my receipt so they told me they couldn't find my information on the computer because the company was recently purchased (the name when i bought the tires was The Pep Boys-Manny-Moe & Jack),therefore they will not be able to do anything. What a rip off. :roll


I also was refused by Pep Boys. They did not honor the road hazard.

I would like to know how many claims are not made and what their total revenue is for the sale. My advise stay away from PEP Boys.


Don't bother calling corporate and airing your complaint. Nothing will come of it.

You will be wasting your time doing it. Will give you the run around.

BBB, Bureau of Auto Service and Repair, State Atty. General...

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