San Antonio, Texas
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I am livid about the fraud that was committed against me! I was charged $391.54, and all that was done on the work order was replacing a hub bearing.

I'm not even sure if that was done unless I take it somewhere else to assess it, because this store also claimed the work order was complete. Yet I have a Firestone oil filter still on my truck as well as their oil sticker and my truck was bone dry of oil the other day. I was charged for a steering/ suspension evaluation, oil change, computer wheel alignment, mileage improver, proline front hub assembly, dorman rear wheel nut. I'm sick of these shotgun shops that don't take the time to take pride in their work, or even finish the job.

My engine is acting up, probably because Pepboys didn't put oil in it though I was charged for it! I went back to that store to demand a refund and that they add oil.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $391.

  • John Forsythe
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So did you get the refund?

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