Herndon, Virginia
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I saw an ad for pep boy buy 3 tires get one Free. Well that is a lie and you get rippedoff.

You spend more than the free tire on the "Tire Installation Package" for $131.84. Then you can;t take your tires they Pep Boys must dispose of them. Where in their used tire dept????? You pay for this and that.

So for a free $118.99tire I got soaked for $131.84 wht did I say NOTHING. I could of gone to flea market and got the same tires cheaper.

Never will I darken Pep Boys door again and I will tell all my family and friends about this rip off. A whole $12.85 saved wow.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Installation.

Monetary Loss: $131.

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The correct sentence is: " I could HAVE gone" not I could 'of' gone. OF is a preposition, HAVE is a helping verb.

You are talking about an action that took place, which needs a helping verb: HAVE; "I could have gone"!!!

When will people learn correct English? Probably never!


you are dumb


Well...after doing the math, the $28/tire surcharge for the "package" including warranty, and then getting the price of one tire rebated, I found I'd save $18, over just buying 4 tires (with balancing) and no warranty. So, it's $18, but....


Did you not review the work order before you signed it? If you did not, it's your own fault, genius.


:cry did you try to price other competitors before you bashed the deal, pep boys has a price math guarantee also! you wont find a better deal!!Ask the merchant customers about getting ripped off!!

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