Caldwell, New Jersey
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pep boys are a rip off. they have on their web page that they offer a free check engine light diagnostics and free estimates so you can figure out whats wrong with your car before you spend any money. When I went to the Caldwell,NJ store they said it would cost $51.98 for the diagnostics. WhenI pointed out ther free offer on their web page I was told they would check it out. A few hours later they called and saaid that the free dignostics is if I have them do the repair and it only covers a half hour and they have spent over an hour and still have not found what is wrong so I now owe them $118.00 and it will go up until they find the problem and that is with out the repair cost. NEVER and I mean NEVER that your car to Pep Boys


Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Diagnostics.

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How long have u worked for pep boys? I was willing to pay the $52 but after an hour they wanted an additional $118.

Their expertise could not find that the gas cap was loose. It took the service station five min to fix it. And for less then $170. Pep boys expertise is in false advertisement and no knowledge in auto repair.

And when u complain customer service said they will get back to you in 48 hours. 72 hours and still no call.


Read a little bit more, it is a free check engine light diag. That means they will tell you what the code is.

Example: a P0304 means that you have a random misfire on cylinder # 4. That is it, that would be what you get for free!

If you would like to know exactly what it is that caused the problem, you would need to pay for that person's expertise to find the problem, or combination of problems. You are paying for another persons expertise.

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