Woodland Hills, California

I took my car into the Woodland Hills location to get my A/C checked.I was told it was the fan belt assembly,and was handed a bill for 944.60.I then called my husband and told him what I was told,and he told me it was impossible for it to be that problem or my car would be overheating,which it wasn't.I told Mark the manager who was helping me that I didn't appreciate being told false information and that he was trying to rip me off.He got very indignant,gave me back my credit card(thank god he hadn't charged me anything yet.) and told me he hopes I don't overheat and to get out of there.He was very rude,and I'm going to complain to their offices also.

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Your husband obviously is not even slightly mechanicly incined or he would of fixed the car himself. When you bring your car to a shop it is because you need help so to outrite accuse someone that is trying to fix your problem of lieing is a shame.

If you ever suspect a shop is trying to trick you, you verifie by getting a second opinion. And JEEZ they didnt even charge you a diag!

they handed you an estimate not a bill! And you make a big stink about it?

to Elmo Daytona Beach, Florida, United States #922075

Why are you guys defending pep boys? Apparently,you are connected with rip offs.


Why didn't your husband diagnose and fix the problem himself?

Most cars have multiple fans and often one is used only when the A/C system is on. If that one fails, the head pressure skyrockets and you have no cooling and eventually a destroyed compressor.

Also, if he didn't charge you, then the work was not performed yet and you received an ESTIMATE, not a bill.

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