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Now my fiance went to Pepboys with her grandmother and bought 4 brand new tires with the full warranty in July"09"!!Since then the one tire blew and I patched it myself.Which is fine.Now when she purchased the warranty they told her that the tire is covered no matter what as long as the tire isn't slashed with a knife or by mischief!So my fiance was on her way to pick me up from collage at 10:30 at night.She was on the blue route and there was a work zone and there must of been something metal in the two lane highway.So she picked me up and my two year son was in the car as we approached a turn on the highway the car started to fishtail.So we pulled onto the shoulder and I changed the tire and put the donut on.Now here is were the so called warranty is suppose to take place that she paid for!!!So I called Pepboys the same place were she purchased the tires at and asked how much a new tire is.Rich told me $80.00!!!He told me to come in and they will measure the tires tread and it will take money off of the new tire.So we went there at 4:00pm.he said 3 people were in front of me.He told me I had to wait and I had me my 2 year old son and fiance with me.He comes and tells me 125.00 that the warranty knocked off $10.00!!!!So I had no choice cause now its 9:00 and I waited 5 hours and everything else was closed!!!!!!So they give us the car back we get in the brand new fresh fully loaded car!!!!What do we see CD player missing Cd's gone and clumps of grease smeared all over the interior!!!So I go get Rich who acted like he didn't care cause they were closing!!He said bring it back tomorrow.I show up the next day!!!Its funny he wasn't there so nobody knew anything about it!!!So PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE ANY WARRANTY FROM PEPBOYS BECAUSE THEY TELL YOU THE WARRANTY COVERS IF YOUR CAR DON'T NEED ANYTHING MEANING alignment,oil change gas maybe!!!They will tell you the warranty doesn't cover because you have a baby seat or burn hole in your car!!!! They are over priced they don't cover there warranty they have thieves working in the shop and very unprofessional!!!

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Pissed off Customer

I had the same problem with that man he isn't very nice! :(

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