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I moved to a new towm, and was unable to find an honest shop. Also unable to find anyone willing to recommend a shop, I took my truck to pepboys.

While there, I signed up for the rewards program to provide myself some security with my aging vehicle. Since that time, my aging truck has needed towing three times, totaling more than 5k in repairs... and ive purchased another 2k in products to aid in its rsstoration. Despite this, the attached email informs me that I have only accrued a single $10 credit.

Not only that, but it will be available for use until about 6 months after my original sign up date. Furthermore, the tow-to-pep service is horrible: Tow#1 was the transfer case stuck in low gear. I informed the oporator of the trouble, and a tow a4rived within 45 minutes. They dropped me at pepboys and prpmptly left amd I went inside....only to discover they dont do transmission work.

A friend had to come over after work (and 3 hours later), to knock it loose by smacking the transfer case with a hammer one time. Problem fixed. Tow #2 involved my cell phone dying shortly after id made the call. The operator, however, had passed along the wrong address to the local tow company.

I sat there for 4 hours before hiking to a gas station. Upon charging my phone, i hadnt missed a single call as id waited. Noone had even called me back to see if I was alright. Tow #3 involved my shifter breaking off the column while starting the vehicle in a parking lot.

The first operator giarenteed me a return call once hed made contact with a local ckmpany. It never came. Return calls landed me with 2 hang-ups and 30 minutes on hold to reach another. I then waited for 6 hours for someone to arrive, only to discover (new town mind you), that the closest pepboys was LITERALLY 100 yards away.

It was by now 9pm, and the store was closed, so I was lef5 to sleep in the truck overnight with crackheads tapping on the window for money. Eventually I figured out (youtube!) How to cra2l under the truck and shift it into park to start, and then rev3rse and drive to leave...nearly running myself over in the process. During those 6 hours, any technician could have WALKED over and lent a hand. Emails to the company have only returned messages like the one attached.

No matter how many times I explain my rewards questions, they pretend to be a 12 year old on their first day at college. Save yourself, and find a better option.

I myself bought a mechanics tool set and a youtube subscription. I recommend it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Rewards Program.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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