Pep Boys - The same here

I'm was sitting in pep boys waiting for my vehicle, when I read your article and sho-nuff, they tried to get too. Thanks
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Applied for,a Pep boys card. Got 1,200.00 limit. Took my daughters car to Pep Boys Tyler Texas. They had the car 3 hrs. 4 New Rotors and pads complete on vic month ago. Took it there because of a intermittent noise. And the car pulling to the right. They said she...
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I called their ( Pep Boys) tow truck service at 9 am.After 3 calls the tow truck never came. I called the following morning but was unable to get anyone to pick up the call even after 2 hours of calling. I called customer service, explained the problem they put me on...
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This is a fraud business. They charge you more promising a $50 rebate card which they say will take 4 weeks and it never arrives ant they say they have no control over the same and reissue the same which also never comes. Sham business. They say they have no control...
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Pep Boys - Oil change

My engineer blew because of no oil! I had oil change at Eastgate store, they forgot to put in oil!
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Pep Boys - Goggle

I was looking for a location close to where i lived, and put in Research and it came up 8335. I was shocked to see someone on the site in one of the bay doors showing both middle fingers, what is that about?. Won't be taking my car there.
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I purchased a steering wheel and adaptor for you 3 days ago the steering wheel is fine but the wheel adaptor does not fit the column please call me at your earliest convenience at 813 735 4091 my vehicle is a 94 mercedes c280 6 cyl its a simple problem for you to...
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5/30/18 order #1354140222 placed order with Stephanie S. Paid $31 extra for expedited shipping. 5/31/18 order picked up by Fedex at 2:12 pm in Indianapolis, IN 6/1/18 order In-Transit at Houston, TX 6/2/18 order in Cypress, Tx 6/5/18 order recieved by me in Port...
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I didn't like
  • Item not shipped as ordered
  • Poor service
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I take care of - manage 15 company vehicles - I take them to Pep Boys when I can for service because the price is usually good and they have all Ii need (batteries & tires & oil changes & tire rotations. Why don't I take them ALL the time to Pep Boys? Because half the...
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Contact Pep Boys

Mailing Address:
Pep Boys
3111 West Allegheny Avenue
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19132
United States
(800) 737-2697
Went in for a simple transmission fluid change, only to get a call to come pick up my car bc they did not have have the correct adapter since they say my car did not have a dipstick which is clearly located right behind the oil dipstick. Technician was too incompetent...
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Always change my own oil.... ATS all plastic, can find jucking points.So........... Went to Pep boys....Very competant service, hewing into the store to carry ouy 5 qts of MOB...


I will never go to pep boys. If they even bother to look at you it’s a miracle. The employees are all in a group talking to each other and ignore the customers. And if you can...

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