Bought 4 tires on 11/26/12 with no problems. Went to trade in my car with the new tires on 4/11/13 and the car dealer informed me Pep Boys reported to car fax the millage of 76527 when the car just past 50000 actual on the odometer.

Pep Boys inflated the millage to Car Fax thus making my trade worth less plus it was done with out any knowledge on my part until present day after I wanted to trade the car in.

Called the Pep Boys Union NJ store where the transaction occurred and was promised a manager will call me back. I will update my report if any satisfaction is achieved by the 30000 mile error sent to Car Fax.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Anchorage, Alaska, United States #755520

@president - that's kind of like a typo on ones credit report. His car now has a mileage discrepancy in carfax that immediately created a car worth less money and a big headache to fix.

This is a serious issue that could easily devalue his car by way more than the amount of his tire purchase. In fact, if I was the consumer, I'd much rather be out my money on the tires than have to attempt to get this kind of an issue corrected.

Tell someone with a typo on their credit report whose cost of obtaining credit instantly got worse that this forum is for people with real problems.


This site is meant for people with real problems, not typos.

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