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On 2/24/2011,I went in to have a fuel pump replaced on my wife's 2002 Ford Taraus,After this service 2 days later the gas cap light came on,so I went back for them to explain this new problem,I was told the forgot to have their computer tell my wife's car's computer the pump was new.The light went away for about a week,then the check engine light came on again,I had to wait this time to take it back,Recently I have taken my wife's car to a different company to see what they could tell me the problem was,They told me that Pepboy's put in the wrong pressure fuel pump for my wife's type of car,so when I called Pepboy's they told me to bring in the new mechanic's paperwork to prove it very rudely....

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maybe it's time to send that old turd to the wrecking yard


Why does it matter so much that you want us all to know this was your wife's car? Why didn't you install the fuel pump yourself?

It's not hard and very inexpensive.

Instead you threw your poor haggard wife to the lions at the mechanic shop. Poor woman.

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