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Pep Boys in Santee, CA somehow determined that the electrical harness in my Ford Escape was defective. I asked if they had seen this problem previously and they said Yes, twice. I told them I wanted the old harness. Two days and $2400 later the 'problem' was fixed and I got the car and the old harness back. After inspecting the harness I could find NO burned or broken wires. The ONLY 'defect' that I found was a severely corroded terminal. The cost of a terminal would not be more than a couple dollars.

So, Pep Boys in Santee California ripped me off to the tune of $2400 simply because they thought is was easier to replace and entire electrical harness than to search for a defective terminal.

I've NEVER been back to any Pep Boys, and I don't hesitate to let anyone know of their incompetitant mechanics.

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