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My vehicle has gone to Pepboys 3 times to be repaired. They have done the same repair, 3 times!!

The vehicle died on the road and then had to be towed to another pepboys location where they admit the the store that did the repairs is notorious for doing a ***-poor job and they this other store frequently has to fix their work. Who knew that a new water pump could fail 2 times and cause the belts to all fall off. Who knew that in order to replace the water pump, you needed to empty the power steering fluid and that it was good to give it back to the customer without power steering fluid.

The company's way of making you satisfied is to replace other parts "free of charge". Do not let them touch your vehicle unless you want it to spend the rest of its life in the shop!!!!

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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They worked on my alternator and after the repairs my car died on the road. I'd looked under the hood and the alternator fell off the mounting bracket.

They said that my mounting bracket was defective when in fact its was their defective mechanic and company that were are fault. Say away nothing but trouble they can even do a simple state inspection, your car always fail for no reason.

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