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I experienced a problem with the engine service light on my 2001 Toyota Tacoma after loaning the vehicle to someone else.They had put fuel in the vehicle & neglected to tighten the gas cap b4 returning it.The light came on while I was driving it home so I stopped at a PepBoys & inquired about renting/borrowing a code reader to determine the cause of the fault.I was referred to the service dept who told me they would be glad to diagnose the problem for only $75.00 ....I can buy the code reader for less than the price of this diagnosis! I informed this arrogant wantabe service manager I was born at night but it was not last night & left.Drove to the nearest Advanced Auto Parts & was handed a code reader & told for liability reasons I could make my own diagnosis, what I wanted initially b4 the PepBoys tried to scam me out of $75 without repairs/parts included.

In any case the diagnosis was a loose cap,reset things with the code reader & told the boys at Advanced they will get all my future business for their forthright willingness to help me.I will not be spending another cent with PepBoys unless I break down in front of your store & it,s too far to walk elsewhere. Thanks for nothing.

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All Hail Yet another one....loved your comment

to Dealing with the public ***ks Baltimore, Maryland, United States #590558

so true. :zzz


When you go to the doctor, do you ask him to borrow his x-ray machine so you can see if your arm is broken (or your brain is missing) so that you don't have to pay him? And you never told us whether your code came back after getting gas with the cap off. :x


Get a printout of possible fixes for cylinder misfires and it might as well be toilet paper. Tell me the diagnostic is a rip off once you buy the all of the parts to fix the single(or multiple)issues.

Could be plugs, wires, vacuum leak, o2 sensors, cam sensor, coolant temp sensor..Just pulling a code points you in the direction of the fix. Its like reading a magazine from 10 feet away. You can see that the fix is in there but there is no detail. Rarely will a code tell you something to points directly to the issue.

The easiest to diagnose by far is the gas cap.

And not that many issues are clear cut by DTC's. There are reasons techs spend good money for ASE's


The issue is that people keep comparing Pepboys to other auto parts stores. The main difference is that the auto repair section of Pepboys limits what the associates can do and not do for their customers.

Many autoparts help customers work on their cars, lend diag tools, etc. Pepboys has service bays, trained and certified techs, and all of the liabilities and restrictions that this implies.

What do you think would happen if Advanced opened service bays? Goodbye free checking of codes, goodbye loaning of specific tools, and goodbye nice guy installation help.

Just the nature of the business.

This is like saying Ralphs supermarket is better that Mcdonalds because they sold you burger buns cheaper and Mcdonalds wanted to sell you a burger for twice the cost!!! We need to get informed before we come to these conclusions.


Oops, I wasn't paying attention...typed in a title when I should've typed MY name...Any way, the other thing love about the posts by people calling themselves "Yet another one", is they never give their own name. Why the *** not?

They'll cram in a post about how some poor guys opinion doesn't meet with their approval, but god forbid they say who they are...Back to my original question, apparently some folks allow code reader use, and some don't???

Feel free to write, I'm in the book. jdg-AT-jglock-DOT-com


Isn't it amazing how, no matter WHAT the subject matter, there's always some d**b *** who has to start in with the "do you ask for Hooters wings at every retaraunt in the country".

I love the internet. The only thing that you can always consistently find is stuff written by "Yet another one". :) :grin


most c.e.l codes don't mean isht anyways, they usually aren't major. you know you could have tightened your gas cap (since you already knew the problem) disconnected your battery for ten seconds and reset the code that way...then if it came back on you'd know it was something else.

Also, try not to be such a *** to these people...dont you realize that corporate is stuffing their faces with their b.s. rules everyday? cut them a break, they are doing their jobs.

also, like a previous poster noted, their is a difference between parts stores and stores that actually service cars.


did you know prior to the diag from a cheap hand held scanner that it was just your gas cap? Did you know that three codes will be pulled up with a scanner and it may not even be the problem that is causing your light to come on?

Pepboys has a liability that walk ins do not. They service cars . One time a a lady asked an employee what " could " be wrong with her car. She complained she had no money and the employee tried to help her by naming a few things with the understanding it might not be right with out a proper diag .

hard to say. She purchased the part then cried to corp. because it didnt fix her car.

Pepboys had to fix her car for free. 1 example of many.


Do you people realize how much those scanners cost? Do you really think a company like Pepboys, Autozone or even Advanced would loan you or let you use the scanner.

Somebody probably used the scanner for you and told you the codes and let you figure them out. As for a diagnostic, pulling codes is not a diagnostic, it is pulling codes. Most of the time what they say it could be is not the problem, there could and usually are underlying problems that could cause that code to pop up. Pepboys actually does a diagnostic, they pull the codes, research the codes and then test the system/systems that caused the codes.

They then tell you exactly what the problem is and how much it will cost to fix.

So before you get your panties in a knot and start whining about paying $75, think about how much more you can spend just thowing parts at your car and not being right. You got lucky this time and it was just a gas cap, next time it can be something far worse and harder to diagnose.


golight I don't know what the other guys problems are but I go to

Auto Zone and the do the diagnostic free and print out the code and possible problems, and yes they are for profit! My son didn't tighten the gas cap on a new car i had in 2002 and the engine light came on an the Toyota dealership charged my $200.00 to reset it.

I have since learned allot. I won't go to pep boys either.

They should have to you to wait a little bit and come over and run it for you.

trapper and yet another one are *** who probable work for pep boys!!!


There is a difference between making a profit and sticking it to consumers. Also, I've heard that Advance Auto Parts would let consumers use their code readers - which is also a great way to gain customer loyalty.

I gather Pep Boys does not care about customer loyalty or repeat business - according to what I've read on theis website today. I doubt if I'll ever go there now.


Truly a ***. Pep boys is not a "non profit" business.


What a ***, who are you to say what stores can charge people and what they cant? Take your happy *** somewhere else you ask for Hooters wings at every retaraunt in the country, and if they dont have them do you go to websites like this one and complain like a *** too, if so lemme know cause i wanna call you a *** on that website too

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