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I used to buy all my autoparts from Pepboys. About 3 years ago they put a new starter in my car since I didn't have the correct tools to do so. I had to keep calling to see if it was done. I was told that it wasn't. Two days later I called & they said it had been finished the very next morning after I dropped it off. That wasn't the worst if it! I drove my car home (approx 7 miles) & smoke was pouring out from under the hood! The new starter caught FIRE!

Next is the issues of rebates. I have taken the time to fill out their rebate forms. All three were rejected saying that I didn't turn it in in time. I would check the store or website & the rebates were STILL in effect! The people in the store didn't care. If I known that I wasn't going to get a refund, I wouldn't have bought two of everything. They got their $$$, so screw the consumer! There was one time I received a letter saying that I was going to get a $20 rebate/giftcard in the mail. When I got it, it had $5 on it. What a slap in the face!!!

Unfortunately, I took my wife's car to Pepboys to have the A/C checked out 18 months ago. It ended costing me $515 for the diagnostic, seals, evaporator block & recharge. I drove it home & sure enough, still blowing hot air. To this day it doesn't work properly. I immediately called to let them know it was blowing hot air. I even put a thermometer in the vents. They said to bring it back, which is 30+ minutes each way. I picked it up the next day. Still blowing warm air. They said that there was nothing else they could do!

How does a place lieke this stay in business? Where do they find these employees? I hope they do fold & I hope the higher-ups read these comments. Because of all this, all my friends & family will NOT shop there. I refuse to step foot in a Pepboys. I am glad I found this website, because I noticed that you cannot leave comments on their website. There is a place that says "contact us" but it never works! How convenient, don't you think? DON'T shop at Pepboys!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Rebate.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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i had the misfortune of taking my car to PepBoys recently too...having read reviews before this decision came out to be totally my mistake.

Long story short i ended up paying over 600bux for a simple window glass.

First they tried to weasel me out of $300 for a window regulator...i ultimately bought it at the dealership for $130. They were not happy to lose this money to say the least, and sure enough, suddenly my motor also turned "busted" and it was ensured that i ended up paying over a hundred dollars more than their original estimates - the additional part at double showroom price and additional labor of $100.

Its better to leave these guys a wide berth and go to any other place; but if you do end up with them, try not to *** them off by talking sense or doing what i did - it will be cheaper!!!

Irwin, Pennsylvania, United States #21593

Pepboys is without a doubt a company in chaos. They have become the bottom feeders of the Auto Industry. Take your vehicle to the dealer, they will never leave you stranded or without recourse in solving your problem.

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