Plano, Texas

I went in to purchase a set of tires. I was offered a special buy 3 at $129 each and get one free deal.

I accepted the deal. When I got ready to pay, I complained about the price of $664.57 and now i am told that it is a mail-in rebate for the free tire. I felt I had been tricked but okay I will send it in. I follow every instruction to the letter and submit my rebate online.

Today I get a postcard declining my rebate saying the package did not include road hazard or some BS. Are you kidding me. Your employee told me I met the requirements to receive the rebate. You people are a joke.

I will never spend one red cent with you again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Rebate.

Monetary Loss: $129.

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Thank you for this ! I was JUST about to go to PB for these very tires under buy 3 get 1 free. Now i know to keep it moving.

Sorry about what happened to you.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #587938

i think 1 tire was 129.00......a lot of selective hearing on your part.....and declining road hazard not a good idea.

to CarlTheMechanic Vero Beach, Florida, United States #596762

I work for pepboys in ga one of our techs lies about stuff being bad or broken to make car hours. He is always telling me to do the same but I rather be truthful to the customers.

Anyway I spent $900 on mud tires for my truck before I started working for the company when the get the 4th free was around I got road hazzard and they declined my rebate saying the rebate was expired. Well if it was then why the *** did they have all the signs up for it and its all over their site? I do have to say there is some false advertising going on in this company.

O and they don't believe in paying the employees they get away with giving you under minimum wage with their vs commision. They charge $110 each labor hour I get $15 of that I do believe I am working my *** off for nothing

to CarlTheMechanic #826195

Boy. I'm glad I found this review.

Just about to visit PB for a set of falken ziex ze329. I'll stick with DISCOUNT TIRES.

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