Orlando, Florida

Pep Boys on colonial drive & powers drive in orlando,fl. to return a jack i bought 2 months earier.When I needed to use the jack to change a tire it did'nt work, leaving me stranded.When I tried to return or exchange the faulty product I was treated like a thief because I did'nt save this receipt for months. In my opinion Pep Boys is the thief for selling me a product that did'nt work and then making it impossible for me to get my money back.The store i have been dealing with and where I live is in a primarily black and carribean area.I believe that had I had dark skin rather than white skin I would have been treated differently.I will not do any more buisiness with a company that sells inferior products and is staffed by bigots,idiots and racists.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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I remember this old white guy from years ago, lol. I can't believe it!

He came into the store with a car jack that he used on a slanted driveway that was for a weight limit of only 1ton and used it on his truck. We looked up his receipt any there was nothing on file for over 6months!!! Sir you can't come back in after using and abusing products and exchange them when you break them. Then you have the ordasity to call associates in the store bigots and racists because you were wrong and not to mention you were at fault?

This is a classic example of today's ignorance of retail customers.

Here's reality, grow up, take responsibility for your actions and go to the flea market or garage sale instead of a reputable company. Folks always know people that complain only want to share their version of the truth not the reality of the truth.


Who could be the bigger dummy? The person writing this complaint stating that this store is racist or the racist person writing the complaint?


Your a fricking *** you dumba@#! You cant buy something break it and try to bring it back!

You must be the smartest man in the world who knows it all. You live in my neighborhood where we are all carribean or black. You my *** friend are the racist! You dont even have the courage to report it without being anonymous!

What an ***! If I was a associate there, I would of gave a "***" card!




Guess you shouldn't buy something and use it, then want your money back when your done. Its not a tool rental place...cheap ***!


Yeah, but you shoulda kept that receipt...

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