Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I brought my car to Pep Boys in Moorestown, NJ with a radiator leak, they diagnosed that my serpentine belt was loose, it needed a tensioner and a radiator flush/fill.

I know little about cars, but I know that if the serpentine belt isn't working correctly, it wouldn't be just the radiator malfunctioning but most of the other operations, too. Also, I checked the belt myself after they told me this - it was very tight and functioning properly.

Their charge for this repair: $475. I removed my car from their garage and took it to a trusted mechanic in Philly (which I should have in the first place, but didn't want to push my car too far when there was a problem). They told me - if the problem WAS the serpentine tensioner, the cost for that (parts+labor) would have been $113. THAT'S $300 LESS THAN PEP BOYS!!!

Turns out- that wasn't the problem at all, as I had thought. It needed new radiator elbows, a minor charge. Pep Boys are trained to lie and and suck the cash out of consumers. It has been this way at every Pep Boys I have patronized, and unfortunately I don't think it will change. They'll say anything or make up any repair to charge you more. Save yourself and do not trust them!

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soooooo...if they're bad, evil, thieving, etc....why do you go back?


now make sure you post back when your car is broke again and youre asking pepboys to fix it. Everyone wants the cheap fix but because the belt is functioning properly at the moment doesnt mean its ok.

did you check for cracks or missing teeth because you may have wasted the money on the work you did when the belt breaks and ruins everything again... Good luck tho.

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