Anchorage, Alaska

My son brought his truck into pep boys in chico ca. Had a new clutch put in, I was avised that it needed a new carrieer bearing, but didnt have the money at the time, about two weeks later we brought it in for a new bearing, they put it in then told me that sense they droped the transmission , that I needed a front end alignment Why didnt they add this to the price of the clutch.

We had to bring the truck back in because the beaering fell apart, I rented a car so he could get to school and work, When he left the store he told them that it had a vibration the man said that it was probavley the clutch.

I have to rent a car to fix that. Cant get the car in for a week cnat drive the truck.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Installation.

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