Anaheim, California
Not resolved

San Diego location in Clairemont.

A long-time customer, although I've never loved or hated them. A better and easier option than going to the dealer.

On the last visit, I waited in line for 15 minutes without even an acknowledgement that I was there! I was the next person and I would expect an "I'll be right with you" or "thanks for waiting". At check-out the price was higher than over the phone due to sales tax. I let them know that when I talked to rep over the phone I specifically confirmed that this was the out-the-door total.

He confirmed with a yes.

That changed when I picked up my car. All around poor service at this visit.

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This location has had a manager change over the past year, I think most of the mngmt grew is new, bad for business. I now drive past this Clairemont location and go somewhere else. At least before the management would try to make it right and fight for your business, things will go wrong, its what you do afterwards that matters.


I forgot to add that I never received a phone call that my car was ready for pick-up. I had to call them and wait on hold for 5 minutes before they confirmed that job was complete.

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