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I’m writing this review to be a warning to anyone who could be doomed by falling into this same situation. First I want to make clear I don’t blame the employees (some of ‘em are great people) I blame a very bad company.

I would not recommend buying any parts at Pep Boys. I have had numerous issues with Prostart batteries. A few examples include the battery dying on me in a hospital parking lot as I walked out in the cold of December wrapped in hospital bandages. You know how tough it is to get a jump in a hospital parking lot?

Actually pretty hard! I have been left stranded at gas stations, and just last week late to work because of yet another battery issue! I went to a Pep Boys store to just get my money back for these headaches of a shoddy product, and go elsewhere to get a battery. Just so it is clear a battery should last well over a year and a half!

Well low and behold which I should have known because I worked at another Pep Boys previously none of my warranty info for the battery is in the computer! Their warranty tracking system is completely useless it has been for many years, and I bet many of you reading this have had the same problem at least once. A real auto parts store can track that info for many many years. I know I have been in this industry for over 12 years.

But since they couldn’t find my info it was either store credit (which what garbage toys do I want to buy at Pep Boys… none!) or another battery that I have to wonder where it is going to leave me stranded at next time! Well all I can say now is I hope someone is around to give me a jump that next time!

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