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To date I believe my vehicle has been serviced three times at the north academy Pep Boys location in Colorado Springs CO. In my opinion, based on the same work, done previously on the same car. Pep boys have been a huge disappointment. I feel that the quality of parts used or the work done is far below my standards. I was lead to believe the warranty was something it truly is not. Something is truly wrong either with part quality or installation. The work performed on my vehicle was truly disappointing. Just over half the miles I expected to get compared to last time this job was done or for that matter the last three times this job was done. There was no real savings between the Pep Boys pricing and anybody else. So as a customer I feel screwed to say the least. I was told it was top quality it clearly was not. This is the fourth time brakes have been done on this car. Everybody else did 40,000 plus miles. The job done by Pep Boys shop was junk in 29,000 really 25,000 on the metal at 29,000 miles and I paid just as much and today learned half the parts I believed were replaced were not. Also I spent over three hours waiting for a phone call Mr. Dennis Synder the stores service manager said I would be receiving from one of their reps (Bill Waters) I believe Mr. Synder said his name would be. Still have not heard from him! Just another pissed off customer to Pep Boys!! Wish I had read the other reviews before deciding on Pep Boys. In my opinion these guys suck at what they do and use low end *** parts to suck at it!!!!

In my opinion this company or at least this store really just doesn't care. I my quest to bring my experience to the world I have found I am late to the game. I will read before spending my money next time. No shortage of complaints already on the web ABOUT THIS COMPANY AND THIS PARTICULAR STORE!. Live and learn!

Don't let these people get near your car!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Installation.

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He's probably not calling you back because of your attitude, did you ask for a written estimate up front?- this way you would not have been confused regarding what parts were replaced and what was not. Are you in stop and go traffic all day?

do you stomp on your brakes very heavy? 29000 miles means squat- I got just over that on factory brake pads...and over 50k on cheap Prostop Pep Boys ones.....maybe it's time you get a new vehicle


4th brake job and each one lasts 29,000 miles? Does that mean you have 116,000 miles now?

Where are your buddies going where they get 40,000? Why don't you go there instead, and see how long it really lasts.

Maybe you should take the lead out of your shoes. :eek

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