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the pepboys i work at in so cal teaches employees to lie. you dont lie you get your hours cut or get worst job in store...the manager hires wet behind the ears kids that no nothing about cars, so teaches them to lie to this the work ethics we want our kids to grow up with..from what ive read today, i dont know if corporate would do anything..but if u read this mike, its onlt the tip of the iceburg.

if you dont try to cram a rewards card down their throat, you get penelized again and threatend if you dont do it they will find someone else who cant get everyone on board..i have been doing parts along time, i know how to treat the consumer....but i know these scare tactics are wrong, and i need to contact labor to find out...for those out there that have the same problem, please comment...i wanna hear from u...thanks

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I worked for them for several years, they treat employees horrible- I don't even understand how their commission program is legal and you are correct about the very low base and commission of 2-3 dollars sometimes. Not only that but they don't tell you when you are hired the guidelines such as someone that barely speaks English will call customers while they are eating dinner and survey them.

This can impact your commission pay by half. The pay is not even close enough to support yourself never mind a family.

Again this company is a sham and pays squat...and they make you stand all day on cement floors. Someone really should go to the labor board about their service writer commission program and challenge it


I agree that PepBoys treats their employees badly. My husband has worked there for over 10 years.

They recently CUT his salary so that he now makes just a little over minimum wage (this is a man with over 35 yrs. experience) and cut his overtime. So now he makes just a little over minimum wage plus commission, which is a joke. They tell you "oh you will make really good money in commission".

JOKE, JOKE JOKE. If you don't have the customers how can you sell and make commission? Some days they only make about $2-$3 commission because the commission rates are so low. They now hire young kids who know absolutely nothing because they can pay them min.

wage and fill their head full of *** about how much $$ they are going to make in commission. The benefits they give are also a laugh. Yes, they do offer medical ins. but the deductibles are so high that when you do need to use it you end up owing a fortune to the dr.

or hospital. The deductible is $2500 before they pay anything - then they pay 80%. Then you have another deductible of $3000 per family member before they pay 100%. Now I realize that we should be thankful just to have insurance (and we are), but I would think this company could do a lot better than the *** ins.

they have now. The moral is so low among the employees where my husband works that no one even cares if they sell anything or not.

And, when they do sell it the mechanics don't know how to do the work or it takes 4 hours just to do an oil change. So, in the realm of good companies to work for, I would say PepBoys is one of the worst.

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