It is my third time coming back for getting the oxygen sensors fixed. It is the second time they are replacing the same sensor in a week.

They don't carry the type of sensor compatible with my truck; they gave me the specific identifier part number and I got it from a local auto part supplier. I had to wait one week for the part to arrive. It took pep boys around three hours to put it in. After an hour the check engine lit up again and the truck began behaving like it does before the replacement.

I went back to pep boys for check up, imagine I paid for diagnosis, part and two hours labor. They asked me to come back the next day to just look into the vehicle and let me know what went wrong. i did come as per their request, the next day. After another diagnosis that took them almost two hours they told me the sensor they put in was faulty.

I want them fix the problem, this time with their parts. I set an appointment for the next day 1pm, I got there in time, they told me it takes another hour before they pull it in even though I came with an appointment. I couldn't afford wasting one extra hour and agreed to come back the next day at the same time. I did show up 10 minutes early, but they told me it takes about 2 hours to pull in.

I was almost frustrated and asked for the same day 4pm, I got it. I brought my vehicle sharp on time, the manager assured me it only take utmost 2 hours to complete the service; I nodded and dropped my key and went on shopping. When I came back after 2 hours my truck want moved from where I parked it. I wondered what is going on and approached one of the clerks by the counter, he told me they are yet to pull it in and the work takes atleast two hours.

I was mad, frustrated and felt mistreated. I value 4 hours of my time, I made several trips to this shop, I lost money on the first service.

Hence, their service is appalling, disrespectful and had no value for customers time. This will be the last time pep boys see my truck.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Part Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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