Dearborn, Michigan

I got an oil change at the laurel pepboys.notice my oil change was taking a really long time for a oil change ,so I went to see what the problem was and seen two mech tryna get the dam oil filter off stugglin with it so I guess they both couldent get it off so the tech musta said f it and left it on and just added oil .so in the morning bout week and a half later and started my truck it was making a noise so I open the hood hear it from the driver side check my oil filter cus oil was low gotdam oil filter is the same one I put on now I'm going this morn to get a full payment back for non service mech at pepboys are lazy and dishonest with customers.p.s. I could tell it was the same cus it had war marks and dents,creases from him tryna rough it off with the oil filter remover players *** hole what thought I wouldent check I should whip his *** for tryna ruin my new truck .!

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $45.

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