York, Pennsylvania

i bought 2 proline rims and tires the guys put the wrong lugnuts on now i can,t get the tres off the car so i can put brakeshoes on the problem is that the lugs were wrong and they striped them off while proforming my yearly inspection at aaa transmision in york pa. there is the problem ,i don,t want to get the guy in trouble that put them on atyour pepboys statin look even if the inspection was proformed the wrong lugs were installed in the first place so please tell those guys at pepboys in york,pa to do the right thing, i love that place,they have fixed m up hndreds of times and i can,t figure out why thee doing this

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demanding a gift card for your time and gas??? hahahahahahaha good luck with that one, Mato


Just had pep boy in eastgate Ohio put my rims in Tuesday night come to find out Wednesday when I took them off to paint my calipers that the *** *** kid put standard lug nuts on all the way around on my metric sonata stripped them all I'm currently in the process of waiting for the main boss to get in to see what they are going to do about it also when taking my front rims off 3 of the 4 where less than hand tight.. Glad I didn't get to high way speeds I'm demanding my car fixed and a gift card for my time an gass money... Do not let pep boys do work to your car soldier_matt@hotmail.com


Sounds like another case of, I own a pos and need to blame someone for it. Ignorance is bliss I guess

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