Atlanta, Georgia

I got tires from pepboys I ordered them online because they were suppose to be but 3 get one free and it had an extra promotion for another discount from the tire company and a 10% discount. I payed online went in to get my tires and they said I had to pay them again I asked didn't I already pay.

Not to mention all the guys were staring at me when I came in just because I was a young single lady and the customer guy was trying to hit on me and took my number from my information was a weird *** guy. Any how he told me to come back later because I didn't have my card I used to pay for it online. Then the manager came in and charged me for the whole thing through my payment online before I came back up there with my card and then never gave me my discount. Then I never recieved either of my rebates and they said they would be coming in the mail and I didn't have to do anything.

I submitted for my free tire but they never processed it.I called and complained a couple months later and they finally got it taken care of with the free tire and sent me a gift card which I can't even use for things I need to use it for. Still they will not give me my other rebate not the tire company or pepboys and won't take care of it for the company is *** and the next week my starter went out in my car and I had to get that replaced that seems a seems a little suspicious. I am concerned about the rest of my car I don't know what they did to it and then they tried to offer me free oil change I am scared to go back up there and have them touch my car again. I have the lifetime tire rotation and balance package for there omg how an I going to get that done with out them messing something up every time.

This is not ok and something needs to be done about this company and its false advertising and harassment from the guys there on women who come in. I also reported the guy and they did nothing about it just shows how *** they are.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Customer Care.

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