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Today I went to the PepBoys store located in Miami Lakes Fl to purchase a water pump for my car.

Well, they only had one employee behind the parts counter, it was the Parts Manager, a fellow by the name of Aquiles. I couldn't believe this Parts Manager, he didn't have the slightest idea on how to even use their computer to look up parts. I then asked for the Store Manager, and guess what, the lady that labeled herself as the Store Manager didn't know either. They actually invited me around the counter and I had to look up my own parts, after providing him with the part number he had no idea were to find it or if they had it in stock, unbelievable.

Needless to say, I left pissed and without a water pump.... For years I owned an Auto Parts store myself, I can not imagine having an untrained employee dealing with the public, much less a manager. In my personal opinion, a Manager must know ALL aspects of the operation.

Wake up PepBoys, start training your managers, or you will continue to loose business to the competition, this time around I ended up going to Advance Auto and not only they had competent employees, they also had the parts in stock. And yes, you guessed right, I'm not going back to PepBoys again.

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Some how I have the feeling the 2 comments below come from Pepboys employees. I also live in Miami (crime capital of the world) and yes I have had similar experiences, not only at Pepboys but also at Advance.

It may be a Miami thing.

BTW, down here sometimes you do feel like cooking your own burgers. Keep in mind that aside from the sunshine and the beaches, Miami is a totally different "country", more like a banana republic.


All this and for a water pump? You couldn't be more creative?

I don't belive this complaint a bit. Meybe for something like a special order, a part for an old car like a 69 camaro ac vent, or a part that you don't know what year is the car or engine size.

Example "give me a valve cover gasket for a 350 chevy short block engine, what year?, I don't know...thay all the same...a 305L will work also.. any year....I love this customers....


so let me guess; then you went to mcdonalds and no one knew what a "big mac" was, so you cooked your own burger and salted your own fries. Come on!! be a little more creative, Advance Auto does ok, they dont need you bad mouthing the competition for promotional propaganda.

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