West Palm Beach, Florida

DO Not take your car to Pepboys in WEST PALm BEACH on Military Trail. They are the worse scammers I have ever come across.

I took my car in for a simple oil change in the a.m. I asked Kevin to check on my coolant level in my car as it seemed to be a little low. He told me the cost for that would be $34.99 but they would top it off and call me to let me know if they see a problem and I would give them the okay for the $34.99. I said, sounds great!

He asked me if I had any other problems or issues with the car and I said, "No". None! I called an hour later and asked if my car is ready and he said yep. He said I needed a new AC filter and told me that would conserve gas.

I said, sounds good. Go for it. $14.00 bucks. I ask about the coolant and he says, everything is fine.

Great. I pick my car up an hour later. I drive a few places during the day. I leave that afternoon with my 2 kids and my 8 1/2 week old puppy who needs ER Vet Care, which I am on my way to.

I am at a light and smell something burning. I notice hot hair coming from my AC vent and the temp needle heading directly into the RED. I pull over. Get water for the car and it comes pouring out of the bottom and is smoking.

My beautiful Volvo is dying. I call Pepboys and speak to Kevin. Puppy and kids in car, everyone is crying and impatiently waiting in the HOT Florida sun in a smoking car on the side of the road in a not so nice neighborhood. Kevin says bring the car in!

He sounds annoyed. Not as annoyed as me though! I wait a bit and the needle goes back down. I drive a mile or so.

I have water reserves. I notice the needle again going in the red. I call him back and he says to "call 1-800-Pepboys for a tow" and yes, He FN hangs up on me! Since my cell phone does not have the alphabet on the keyboard.

I call 411, get the number. The car gets towed on a Wed evening to them. They tell me the car needs a new radiator and it had nothing to do with the coolant level. huh???

Why didnt they tell me when I had the oil change and asked them to check this? They call me back and tell me I also need a new AC blower as the blade was loose and cracked the radiator. What the? They tell me they cant find an AC Blower anywhere and they have to order it and it will take SIX (6) FN days to get in.

huh? WTF? I tell them to call a junk yard. He laughs and says they wont have a AC blower for a Volvo.

I tell him yes they will. He calls and says Yes they have it!! Great FN news. I can get my car the next day.

Kevin is there. Yay! He rings me up and tells me $1,100.00. I was quoted at $800.00 earlier.

huh? WTF! WTF! I could reach over and smack him, but I dont.

I ask to see the printout. He says no. huh??? I take my hands out of my pocket and think about my kids and still sick puppy at home.

I put them back in my pocket and grind the F out of my teeth. I asked him if they were charging me full price for the USED AC Blower. He talks to the 'mechanic" and turns out they charged me twice for the same thing. He also charged me for the tow truck (39.99) which should have been free.

Ok. Got the bill down to $868.00. Still not happy. They tell me I should leave the car becaused it needs a timing belt, water pump and whatever else (approx 650.) Are they FN crazy or do I look really ***??

I say *** NO. BYE BYE. I get in my car and it is puddering and check engine light is blinking. GRRRRRR.

I take the car to my local mechanic SOUTHEND SERVICE STATION IN TEXACO GAS STATION ON DIXIE. They tell me 1) The raditor is loose.

They tightnen the screwes and replace two coils that had OIL all over them that was casuing the noise!

the timing belt needs replacing because it has oil all over it!

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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