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PENSACOLA, FLORIDA -- I wish we could thank Pep Boys in Pensacola but they have cost us a fortune. Started with 350 estimate that by the end cost 1123.21 after getting 10% Military discount, for a leak in the rear differential, they said need new axle and all new seals they had the 98 blazer for 3 days. Drive to Panama City smell something burning stop at Pep boys that said the gasket was pinched and install incorrect with out RFV or something and out off rear oil, they said they fixed with no leaks after a day under warranty great right.

The next day drove to Tallahassee and back to Panama City started leaking again took it in they said out of oil that the front seal of the rear differential was leaking and that it just started and was not covered by the $1123.21 in seals and labor cost that they would have to take it all apart again but for the one seal it would only cost $300.00 for being a return customer. I said wait I want to shop around and I did today to find that if I go some where else I void the warranty "Pepguard warranty" that I paid 136.83 for. Now what do I do Pep Boys will not call me back except the Pensacola store who said he would have a talk to the mechanic. That does me no usefulness here in Panama City, Just coincidences it was not leaking in Pensacola, the next day not leaking in Panama City when they fixed the rear gasket from Pensacola and said it was out of fluid but two days later it is leaking and out of fluid again, I'm not that much of a believer in coincidences.

Monetary Loss: $1123.

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