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This place is rediculous! U cant get cutomer servive because they are talking on the cell, personal phone calls.

Also there is plenty of chatter amongst employees is so unprofessional... We we finally are able to ask a question the employee does not get off his cell he just walks away points at the location where to look, are you kiding me! This is consistant from most pepboys... I went to RS stauss which had great customer service just was sold out on we needed.

Pepboys has no sense of value for their customers and their money. This location is on 4th Av and 3rd street

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what do you expect...I worked at Pep Boys and saw first hand where they hired people on parole from prison for violent crimes....yes this is the they pay ***


Typical Pepboys.


I apologize for your experiences in our sister stores, however not all of our locations are like this. And Chris Kringle, don't assume our associates don't have education, I have a Bachelors from top ranked UCONN, and a MBA on the way.

We currently are in a period of transition to deliver better service by filtering out the negatives in our stores.

Hope you have better experiences in the future, once again I'm sorry for your experience in our stores. I promise you we are currently molding better management teams.


this is what happens when you don't have an education and get paid $8 per hour, can you blame they probably looked at you and thought you were a d.o.u.c.h.e.


Strauss has been on the *** of bankruptcy for years. Service can"t bee that good!!

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