Los Angeles, California

I am a PepBoys Service Advisor/Manager with years of experience with this & other well known competitors. I have seen all types of service advisors, some bad but most have been as honest, decent & hard working as I.

Contrary to what others believe PBYs is not going under, nor can they really be considered "bottom feeders" when you take into account its size & many years of service. You don't survive this long botching oil changes & ripping off customers on a regular basis trust me. Do we have some bad apples? Sure we do but its not because we look to steal your money.

In a company of this size it takes time & a lot of money to develop, train, & *** out a poor team member as needed. I go through this long list of negative reviews not because I have nothing better to do, but because I want to know whats going on throughout this & other similar companies. What did that service advisor or manager do to make this a negative experience for you? How can we make it a positive one?

Did he offer you fritos ;)? No trainer or computer learning module can really tell it like you do & that's why I am here. Unlike the Circuit Citys of the world PepBoys has had the opportunity to change the course of its future more than once in order to keep those many people employed across the country. It all starts with you the customer and striving to achieve that fast, expert service that brings you back for more.

By the way on a more personal note... When you do go back, just remember that we are human & things can go wrong regardless of where you shop.

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Not all Pep Boys are bad. I work at the Lansing,IL store.

Almost everyone is ASE certified and we are the best around. However, go a couple miles north or west and it's a much different story.

We work hard to be the best and wish the other stores could learn from us. It takes time and effort to get the right people who give a *** about the customer and their car.


There pretty good in Orem Utah they put my truck up on lift for free to have a looksy. I trust them! Way better than toyota dealer.

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