The worst service.I had my vehicle in th shop on a sunday morning,they only had one mechanic working all day,the mechanic said all other workers were on vacation or sick.it took 3 hours to have 4 tires mounted & balanced.The service manager was very rude during the whole process.I will never take my car here again.This shop was lacking everything i was hoping for.what heppen to good customer service,this place lacks it.They didnt even bother to check my tires,which were a bit low,i had to ask to make sure.they checked them.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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wow I can believe these dirt bags would employ people who get sick, what *** that service advisor was didn't he know that your time was more important that anyone else's who ever came into that place. I don't know why they wouldn't check the tire pressure on you tires 6 times.

those jerks. I really don't think you are telling the whole story or you are just rude and realize what was going on that day. btw there are not alot of auto repair places open on sunday.

not even alot of tire places are open on sunday. keep that one in mind too eh?

Yuryuzan', Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation #19128

1) why would you wait there knowing theres one guy in the shop. if it was really such a big issue you should have left.

one person can only do so much.

2)why would they check your old tires if your coming in for 4 new ones? when did they seem low?

Irwin, Pennsylvania, United States #18711

Discount Tire is far superior to Pepboys.

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