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On March 5th 2009 I brought my 1997 Jeep Wrangler to Pep Boys at 4240 South Riverdale Road Riverdale, UT 84405 (801)393-1200 Store # 0784

to have them diagnose a water leak problem. They replaced my water pump with a new Bosch that cam with a lifetime warranty. They also installed a new Dayco serpentine belt, and antifreeze. This was overseen by service manager Brett D. Parker.

I was charged 1.70 hours to remove and replace the water pump, belt and add fluids @ $82.00 per hr. total 139.40 labor

Parts: Serpentine Belt $51.99

Water pump $ 42.89

Antifreeze $9.99

Shop Fees $22.26

Coolant system evaluation 0.30 hrs $29.00

Tracer engine Coolant Dye $5.99

Tax $21.24

Total $322.76

Pep boys Service work order # 2015142

On 11/17/11 at 6:00pm I called the above Pepboys store and talked to the service department about my Jeep leaking water. After I inspected my vehicle it appeared to be a bad water pump again. I gave them my service work order number so they could look it up. I then asked how much they would charge me labor to remove and replace the water pump because the part was covered under a lifetime warranty. They told me 2.1 hours labor!

I asked them why they were charging me more labor this time two years later than before. No modifications have been made on my Jeep. No factory changes were made either. This is the exact same job. They told me that is what the labor book says to charge now. I said it doesn't take a mechanic longer two years later to do the same job as before and said that they were just trying to cover the cost of the warranty water pump by charging me more labor to do the same job as before and they need to honor the same labor time. They refused!

I then called Sears Automotive Center and talked to the service manager about this problem. He looked up in a nationwide database on labor time to remove and replace a water pump on my 1997 Jeep Wrangler 6cyl 4.0 and said it calls for 1.70 hours and that Pep Boys was just trying to rip me off by covering the cost of the warranty part by charging me more labor. I also confirmed this by calling a Western Radiator at 3050 Pennsylvania Av Ogden UT, 84401 an independent service shop. They too confirmed that the job took less than what Pepboys was going to charge me for labor and they were just ripping me off charging me more labor this time around to cover the cost of the warranty part. The next morning 11/18.11 I called Pep Boys back and talked to Bret Parker. I told him what his service department was trying to do to me. He denied it and said they would charge me less labor to match Sears labor. I said no thanks and I don't trust his shop! I would just bring in my broken water pump and get a new one after Western Radiator does the work. By the way they booked out the labor at 1.5hrs.

Pepboys is ripping off customers!

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Los Lunas, New Mexico, United States #1268699

Well.. At least they exchanged your water pump..

I had the exact same problem and mine went back out exactly two years later that for my total cost was around $560 to begin with.. Keep in mind that I'm a female and I also didn't learn until today that they actually charged me 5 times over a book price for the initial pump. So when it went back out this time they offered to tow me for free as long as my car within a 5 mile radius of their store but it would be $248 or more in labor to install a new pump.. So I told them you know I'm a single mom I can't afford to do that I've got an uncle that could install it for me just exchange the pump out and give me one that works and that I even understood that it probably couldn't be under warranty again if they weren't doing the work but I had to have a car and I didn't have that kinda money..

They were very rude and almost condescendingly told me they were not a part store and they would not be honoring the warranty and giving me a replacement part unless they were paid to put it in... ***


pepboys doesn't overcharge on labor to make up for warranty part. it may be true they weren't the lowest price but ***, the manager said he would price match to sears. not a terrible offer

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