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Pepboys, Manny, Moe and Jack you around are at it with a real slick scam that people aren't noticing.

If you go to Pepboys and buy the part at the parts counter, it will cost less than if you bring your car to service and let them walk across the aisle into their own store and install it. Does Pepboys know that this practice is ILLEGAL?

First, you should never let Pepboys work on your car.

Second, you shouldn't buy their CHEAP CHEAP parts.

Their CEO comes from Sears!!! How successful is Sears in the automotive industry? LMAO

(one very funny footnote: What is interesting is that a very long time one of the Pep Boys were depicted with a cigar in the mouth but in the 1990s the cigar was took away in the support of anti-smoking campaign. Maybe they should bring back the cigar and be sure its a blunt. They must be high in the policy decisions they make and the way they will ruin your car)

Pepboys is the bottom feeder of the Automotive Industry.

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I like to talk, take long walks in north richland hills, work for crooked dealers, say lies behind peoples backs. Act like I was a customer at pepboys, and I was fired by chris roach or was his ex lover?

You decide. I am going to repent my sins now so maybe I won't go to ***!!

Irwin, Pennsylvania, United States #26014

You miss that by hiring only the most incompetent people doing the job for the lowest amount of pay in the least amount of time.

Pepboys is over. A sinking ship with vultures picking at the rubble.

What a shame.

Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India #24056

A friends car started making grinding noises as he drove. The noise stopped when he stopped.

So he goes to pep boy to have his brakes checked and informs them of the grinding noise. They say they cant see anything wrong so the problem is probably in the transmission. He brings his car to my house.

I jack it up and remove the tire and see the caliper leaning forward rubbing the inside of the wheel because the upper bolt fell out. HOW DO YOU MISS THAT?

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