This rewards membership has a few things that are free.One of them being a free check when your "Check Engine Light" turns on.

So I took my truck in to have it checked after my 'Check Engine light" turns on and I was told that i have to leave my truck with them for anywhere between ONE to SIX hours. So I went somewhere else and not only had it check...but taken care of in less then an hour.

What kinda auto service place are they running!!It only takes one second to plug in the computer to find out !!!

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Had a blowout while on a long road trip.Got 4 new tires with extra tire coverage.

Got home, 6 months later, found a screw in tire. Called a local Pep Boys, told them the problem, wanted to bring in car to have tire checked, they told me they had no repair kits and, wouldn't be receiving any, for 3 days. Had to find another Pep Boys shop and take it there.

Was concerned because I would have to drive to another shop further away, with a screw in the tire.

I thought this place specialized in tires.


Some people think that the world revolves around them, and are oblivious to the fact that the place might have been busy with other customers who CALLED to have an appointment made. Wait your turn like everyone else and quit crying.


take the rewards program and stick it where the son never shines.Can't retrieve my points online because the site doesn't know me even after emailing pep boys which they never returned my question.

bull s---t.and their alignment service sucks good for getting parts only

to co bo Laguna Hills, California, United States #649106

Hey cobo, They probably figure anyone that can't spell SUN correctly, not SON doesn't need any points anyway.


Get rid of the DOT HEADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





is very good


went to pep-boys and had car stereo and speakers installed.was told that stereo installation would be so much and DOORS would be so much.when install was done it sounded fine but noticed that they didn't

put new speaker covers on the doors.came to realize they installed speakers in the dash.

This is not what i asked for.(what gives?)


Try that a dealership Mr. Hotshot.....it would be twice as long to have your POS looked at...why didn't you go to your shadetree shop in the first place...they probably figured you wouldn't want to pay anything so they made you wait...rightfully so...that's what YOU get for being an impatient individual :cry


Run save ur wallet scam artists!!!!!!!Go to PEP BOYS if u want to be F***D over and over again The most expensive and horrible experience of my life they can take their rewards card and shove it

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