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This rewards membership has a few things that are free. One of them being a free check when your "Check Engine Light" turns on.

So I took my truck in to have it checked after my 'Check Engine light" turns on and I was told that i have to leave my truck with them for anywhere between ONE to SIX hours. So I went somewhere else and not only had it check...but taken care of in less then an hour.

What kinda auto service place are they running!! It only takes one second to plug in the computer to find out !!!

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Had a blowout while on a long road trip. Got 4 new tires with extra tire coverage.

Got home, 6 months later, found a screw in tire. Called a local Pep Boys, told them the problem, wanted to bring in car to have tire checked, they told me they had no repair kits and, wouldn't be receiving any, for 3 days. Had to find another Pep Boys shop and take it there.

Was concerned because I would have to drive to another shop further away, with a screw in the tire.

I thought this place specialized in tires.


Some people think that the world revolves around them, and are oblivious to the fact that the place might have been busy with other customers who CALLED to have an appointment made. Wait your turn like everyone else and quit crying.


take the rewards program and stick it where the son never shines. Can't retrieve my points online because the site doesn't know me even after emailing pep boys which they never returned my question.

bull s---t. and their alignment service sucks good for getting parts only

to co bo Laguna Hills, California, United States #649106

Hey cobo, They probably figure anyone that can't spell SUN correctly, not SON doesn't need any points anyway.


Get rid of the DOT HEADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





is very good


went to pep-boys and had car stereo and speakers installed.was told that stereo installation would be so much and DOORS would be so much.when install was done it sounded fine but noticed that they didn't

put new speaker covers on the doors.came to realize they installed speakers in the dash.

This is not what i asked for.(what gives?)


Try that a dealership Mr. would be twice as long to have your POS looked at...why didn't you go to your shadetree shop in the first place...they probably figured you wouldn't want to pay anything so they made you wait...rightfully so...that's what YOU get for being an impatient individual :cry


Run save ur wallet scam artists!!!!!!!Go to PEP BOYS if u want to be F***D over and over again The most expensive and horrible experience of my life they can take their rewards card and shove it


On the "check engine lights". Took van in once because of lights.

Tech asked how he could help. Told him. He plugged in the meter, within about 2 minutes I knew the problem. No charge.

On the other side of that, took them about 5 hours one time to figure out how to install a fan belt, U.S. made vehicle.


Rewards Program you bet just try and print the rewards certificate. nothing but Computor trickery.Their excuse the web site is down or needs work [Big Joke] Pep Boys you just lost a loyal customer. Hello Auto Zone


People are just to impatient. Who has ever took there car to a dealership and waited for diagnostics.

Pepboys isnt your local uncle eds that hires convicts to change oil quickly.

They hire ASE certified technicians to diagnose your car properly. You wouldnt call a plumber to work on your teeth....Make an appointment, dont pretend your the president.


It's funny how many people are retarded.

First of all, I HATE Pepboys. I worked there for years. So believe me when I tell you it pains me to be on their side on this one, but here's what you people don't seem to understand. There is a difference between the free "Check Engine Light" check and an "Engine Diagnostic". The only thing the free check grants you is the service of plugging in a scanner, and pulling out the CODE AND DETAIL INFO ONLY! Not telling you what caused it, not telling you what can fix it, nothing else. This is for people who don't have scanners, but would like to diagnose the problem on their own or by researching online and troubleshooting themselves. It is NOT an Engine Diagnostic., the code gives you a GENERAL AREA OF MALFUNCTION ONLY! Many times, O2 sensor codes come up and it's not actually a O2 sensor causing the problem. Many codes have multiple things that trigger them.

If you have an EVAP system leak detected - Large. It could take up to a few hours trying to find the leak or the proper component that needs to be replaced.

Also, people, PLEASE realize that yes, while your job your asking to get done may only take 10 minutes, theres still many people waiting ahead of you for the same service or more. a 1-5 hour wait is not uncommon, depending what jobs are in the shop and pending and what sort of technician is available.




At least they give you rewards, so what if it's only $10.00 for every $200 spent, if you own a car, it requires basic maintanence as well as the occasional part. I have never gone anywhere to get my car worked on that doesn't require a novel, and a snack.

In this world of rush rush and hurry up, no one is satisfied with having to wait, but really...

I am not a mechanic and if pepboys were so bad they wouldnt have a ton of stores open all over the US. No one is perfect, and every place you go for customer service has its off days, I don't agree with any of these conspiracy theorists.


service (no service) 4/26/11 at San Bernardino store on E street


It may only take a few minutes to pull the codes and some of them may be some obvious ones that do not require much research, but what if the diagnostic requires pulling wiring diagrams and will take a couple of hours? So there you tell your customer you can have it checked out in 3 minutes, but it ends up taking you 3 hours.

The customer is mad and upset because he or she had to wait that long in your store. The proper way to do business is to promise a customer a due time and then to meet it or get it done sooner.

Not having things done in the promised time makes people mad. But I guess some impatient **cks like the original poster are "too busy" to understand that.


The customer is CORRECT, it takes 3 minutes to pull codes NOT hours, I did for years, take the scanner to the car and it's pluged in and done. End of story !!!

AS for Leroy you got issues. And for Mr Service Advisor you can tell what the codes are, ***.

Its right in your face whats a P1040, it tells you unless YOU cant read.Could it be a lean 02 sensor, pal??? YOU TELL ME .


:cry :sigh :upset

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