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Had a oil change and tire rotation, just how can you screw that up, well at Pepboys they can! Check brakes, did`t tighten frame bolt to front brake caliber, after driving about 120 miles bolt came out and caliber was rubbing inside of wheel, of course they did`nt so much as even look at the brake system, the car was driven 1200 to Fla, and another 4 months with out any brake trouble until this maintenance was performed.

So you Military Personnal stay away from Pepboys if you value your car? There discount is useless, just like there Maintenance

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Oil Change.

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its good to read this trend,i called pep bos to ask about this tires...... i waited 8 minutes and no answer but now i know better than buying them thank you guys.

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