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I had the misfortune of having to deal with several Pepboys employees at the Port Jeff Station, NY (Long Island) location (Nesconset Hwy.) when trying to purchase brakes, rotors, and windshield wipers for my son's vehicle. I do like purchasing goods and services from this business because I feel they provide good products/services at reasonable prices, but unfortunately the employees all seem to have attitude problems and the customer is made to feel like they are imposing on the employee's time. Incidentally, I purchased the brake pads and windshield wipers, but decided to wait on the rotors when the counterperson told me the rotors were $70 apiece. I went home and called another auto parts store where I was told the rotors were $50 for the pair. I went there and purchased the rotors. My guess is that your rotors were $70 for the pair, but since the clerk mumbled the price so quickly (I even asked him to repeat the price, but couldn't make out what he said the second time either), so I decided to wait to see if I could get the rotors resurfaced instead of paying what I thought was $140, and I am certain I would have paid the $70 for the pair at the time if that was indeed the price for the pair (I still don't know). I attempted to look up the information for my son's windshield wipers. He owns an Acura and the first several pages were missing from the manual where that information would have been. That is the reason I had to approach another employee. As though I was asking him to donate a kidney, the clerk told me he had to check the computer and trudged behind the parts counter to look it up for me. It is without a doubt that Pepboys are losing business due to their employee's lack of decent customer service. Long Island (NY) has an abundance of auto parts stores and if they want to stay competitive some attitude adjustments or sensitivity training should be in order.

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its true, we dont know for how long this next guy will stick around. Is this the right focus?

Is this the right answer?

We scramble to adjust and implement the "current" priorities, an impossible task if you're new or just starting your career. In order to have your associates demonstrate commitment and pride in their job they need to see it done "upstairs" first, commited leadership and strategy.


It is a constant challenge to maintain associate moral and commitment when the leadership and prioraties are in constant change. There have been 5 CEOs in the last 5 years at Pepboys bringing a complete change of leadership from the Exc level down to the Distric Mgr levels, new strategy, tactics, priorities..etc.

This is a very exhausting and demoralizing situation for even the most efficient and commited individuals turning them indiffirent and even careless.

Its a chaime because I know very good people still making an effort to stay afloat doing the right things in such a difficult environment. They need more than training.

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