Brooklyn, New York

i spent close to a $1000 getting a wheel allignment, new front tires and various front end jobs done, like new idler arms, shocks, and a few other jobs done....none of which i am certain they actually did.....and none of which my mechanic is certain they did either......he is of the opinion that they weren't done, as tire wear patterns and other indicators suggest that everything i paid for was NOT done.....within a month of my getting my "wheel allignment", my right front tire was balding on the outside edge of the tire, which is why i brought the car in, in the first place.......they told me sorry bout the tire, the warrantee is up on the wheel allignment, tough nuggies, no refund, not work owed......and now, a year later, i find that the brake pads i bought for my 2002 chevy astro from these guys are the wrong parts.......i bought them last year knowing i'd need them shortly, and i was near their shop, so i stopped off there and grabbed them on my was back to Montauk, about 65 miles away from patchogue.......and don't you know, they are NOT the correct pads, and pepboys is SO sorry for my inconvenience and if i drive 130 miles round trip to see them, they'll be happy to replace them.......

they are unprofessional, and they don't back up their work worth a ***......they can't even get chevy parts correct.........

very unhappy i ever trusted these guys........

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