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I took my truck into the pepboys on the niagara falls blvd location. I called a week prior to schedule it.

After waiting 35mins for the truck to finally get into a bay as 5 mechanics and the manager were to busy talking, the guy who was doing my inspection kept staring at me. My wife and daughter went to a store while I waited for this *** to get done. 2hrs later the truck was still up on the lift. I saw all 4 tires were off the truck, he also had the emergency brake cables all dangling.

After another hour my wife came back and was like wtf?!. This mechanic stopped the inspection to bs with a friend that stopped by. Finally after waiting 4hrs for a friggn inspection.. i got pissed and was like lets hurry it up.

The guy went back did some things, gave his report to his boss who sat next to me and told me my truck needed $1500 worth of work. Everything from wheel bearings to brakes, to the emergency cable to a burned out license plate bulb.. i was like just button it up. I was a month ahead of my actual due date.

I ended up taking it to a local mechanic and it passed with no prob under 30mins. And after i told pepboys to wrap itup and pay for the failed inspection, they also proceeded to do an oil change. 4.5hrs for what shld have been a routine inspection. What bs!

Never will i go to pepboys again. Avoid it..

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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New York, New York, United States #645694

4th Ave. Brooklyn, NY.

Went in for a state inspection $37. Was told both front marker lights needed replacing, I had serious doubts as I check all lights frequently but agreed as I had little other choice. It turned out to be a $64.19 invoice.

I really find this kind of bill "padding" distasteful. I'll be contacting the attorney general.

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #620093

Honestly I was looking at your daughter..she looked tight. You wife had a nice DS lips though...

Santee, California, United States #553286

This was at the pepboys on the blvd here in buffalo ny. Not sure why it gave me CA.

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