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Big problems at this store... Here are the facts of my situation: 1) I ordered tires online for the following week.

2) I came in for installation as scheduled. 3) The tires were not there. 4) Filed complaint online hoping for discount for the inconvieninece. 5) I came back for installation four days later and tires are installed.

5) When checking out I wasn't informed i could get $25 back with the free sign up of the pepboys card. 6) I buy some gloves in the store and when checking out the lady informs signs me up for the discount card. 7) When i get home to put the tire purchase on my account online to receive credit I notice the kid that checked me out with the tires had changed my address on the receipt but kept my phone number.

I can only speculate why he did this at this point.

I am assuming that he changed my address so that the company wouldn't cross reference the complaint I filed for the tires not being there initially. I normally would give him the benefit of the doubt in this situation. However the information I had entered online wasn't changed consistently enough (failed to change my number) to be an accident. I am assuming they didn't change my phone number so they could still contact me when the car was finished.

I don't know if this is the way this particular store does business but I feel as though the logic is flawed enough to let people know the facts of my particular situation. To be fair I feel the tires were installed properly and the price was good.

I have not heard back from corporate regarding some closure to my situation. I will post an update if they get back to me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Installation.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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Actually, it's funny the last poster says I'm at fault and then lumps me into some generalizations about the people from the Nashua area. I'm sorry they feel that way.

I'm not convinced that there is a problem with my logic though. The emotional reply received here make me wonder what the posters motivation is.

My problem in this case was my info was changed at the store from what I had input online.

Conveniently, my name/address was changed to something in California with my phone # staying the same in MA. It wasn't hectic at the time in the store, and nobody was there to mix me up with.


I used to work at this location and they are one of the better ones, you are just a typical Nashua area s.n.o.t. person....all of your type want free stuff or discounts- mistakes do happen- it is partially your responsibility to make sure you get a rewards cards I did my research before I bought my tires, hope you get nothing from them, Merry Christmas :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry


People need incentives to do things, this isn't a new concept. Otherwise i'd just go someplace else and the problem wouldn't be corrected.

I see that as a very small price pay for such valuable feedback.

Companies employ far more expensive means of quality control that aren't as effective as actual customer feedback. When this case is investigated by Pepboys I'm sure will see this.


hoping for a discount, that's your problem right there. pepboys will solve your initial problem but if you try to take advantage of the situation, they're gonna tell you to kiss off.


I'm sorry u feel that way I sure hope ur problem get resolved I'm sure Pepboys does not have it out for u

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