Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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I carried my car to pepboys to have an alignment preformed. they said that the ball joint had to be replaced and could not align the car without it.

They also said I needed a new rotor, thinking they were dealing with a *** woman. I could see the ball joint was broken. So I agreed to that GOOD THING! The rotor was fine, however, I left there shop with a new noise in the front tires of my car.

They had loosened the bolts that hold the rotor on and although I carried the car back to them they did not fix!

I will be going after them for the cost of another mechanic tightening!

Monetary Loss: $301.

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Hindmarsh, South Australia, Australia #21810

wow, you mush be a weight lifter to beable to carry you car to pep boys

Irwin, Pennsylvania, United States #21597

Unfortunately, you are an uneducated woman in this situation. Most rotors are tightened when the wheel lugs are torqued.

This is the case with a floating rotor. If you have a hub assembly incorporated onto your rotor, it would be obvious if it was loose when they did a camber sweep on their machine or while they were setting the car on the alignment rack and rigging the calibration heads. (possibly, you may even have bad wheel bearings) All Pepboys are supervised by an Area Director. Ask the store who is their area service director and call him/her.

Continue calling. They will address your problem and resolve it either by fixing the problem or paying for a repair if you have it taken elsewhere to correct their incompetency.

Pepboys is notoriously cheap about paying technicians and mechanics.

Pepboys is Never the place to go if you need any repairs on your car. They have a hard time competently doing a battery install and an oil change.

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