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I am appalled that a customer service auto repair shop is allowed by their corporate office to charge 120.00 for a new gas cap !!!!The check engine light had come on and when i took my car to the Howell Pepboys repair shop, First the service manager was beligerent in speaking to me about a fee of 108.00 to diagnose the problem with my car. I had figured that cost would be rolled over into the repair cost if my car was to be fixed by them.

I was wrong, and after the 108.00 diagnoses, it was found out that my car needed a 10.00 gas cap. The total bill for my car was 120.00. For a friggin gas cap ??!! Highway robbery.

I can understand if I had a problem that was detrimental to my car and it was going to take time and replacement parts then ok charge me 108.00 to find a major problem.

But for a 10.00 gas cap?? I will NEVER go to another Pepboys.

Monetary Loss: $108.

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I almost did the same mistake but I called 3 different places first one of them was pep boys and they charge $50 per every half hour they take the guy did say they usually take more than half hour and this was with out fixing the problem. In NJ we have Aamco which I have never used before and I called to see when I had to make an appointment or if I could just go (their advertisement says check engine light diagnose is free) when I told him what happened when the light came on he said it was the gas cap to change it and the light would go away in a couple of days.

This was all over the phone and I saved the money.

Hope it helps someone else instead of paying all that money. Sorry tleem15 I would have been pissed off as well.


It doesn't look as though you have much sympathy here, and rightfully so. The troubleshooting process can be time consuming, a little tidbit you conveniently overlook; it's a bit pathetic to expect others to render services without appropriate remuneration simply because you have a sense of entitlement.

Oh, and also, next time you want to call somebody out for misspelling a word, you may want to run your own little spell-check ... the word is spelled 'belligerent' (2 l's), not "beligerent" ...


:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry


take your car to the dealer see what that charge would have been


Learn how to spell. You are a *** !!


First of all, I've been a mechanic for over 25 years. The code would have read large or small leak inthe evap system.

Do you know where the leak is by reading this, NO. the vehicle has to be physically looked at, Smoke tested, to find where the leak is. No one can find the leak without doing this.

I've left the garage and have been a service manager for over 10 years now and if anyone can find this leak without doing a smoke test, please send him to me I would love to hire him because he must have ESP. Anyone who thinks different than is either doesn't know a *** thing about cars or is just a comets ***.


Give me a break, if the mechanics were mechanics they would have protocol to check on the code prior to the smoke test.Ive checked with 6 other mechanics in my area and NONE of them would have charged that for the problem at hand. Pep boys sucks and thats all there is to it.

to Tleem15 #616240

Maybe next time the service department should not have been so honest with what they found and told you it needed 700.00$ worth of work to justify there 108.00$ diagnostic. Your the crook in this situation expecting the service dept.

that spent 300.00 on the smoke machine and the Technicians years of experience to perform this diagnostic for free. As a consumer If I can not perform a service for my self I most defiantly do not expect the good people who perform the service to do it for free.


You should be happy it was only a 10 dollar cap, I'm pretty sure that it had do the diagnose to find it was only a gas cap like a smoke test, u went to get car fixed and that's exactly wat u got.


to answer patric comment. well i dont think the code would had been emission large leak detected.

now if u r a service advisor u know that the code is the gas cap. in all makes and model it would say large leak. now if the mechanic when ahead and performed a smoke test then he is *** to do that or u r ripping people off. i been a service advisor for 15 yrs and 5 of those yrs as a service manager.

i always tell my guys that sometimes is better to loose a little money that loose alot later. so dont steal money from customer.


I myself am a service advisor and this is the nonsense I deal with all day, people who don't understand what they are talking about on their vehicles blaming us for their lack of competence, your vehicle came in with a code check which is free, the code came up as a evaporative emission system leak, the technician would've then done a smoke test which takes a good 45 mins to do the proper way, then determined the leak was from the gas cap, if you have a problem with that, FIX IT YOURSELF!


Think of a mechanic as a docter. A doctor also needs to get payed for a diagnosis they dont work for free!! most of the time the exam fee exceeds the cost of medicine.Would you complain about that to your doctor?


You took it into pepboys to have your car fixed.You really think anybody is going to do a diagnostic service for free? The guy that is doing the work for you has to get payed some how.


Pepboys does t charge to pull the codes either. But in this situation you did need a diagnostic and it is your car so it's your responsibility to pay for the diagnostics the same as it is for the repair.

Why would you think anyone would pay their employees to work and then turn around and give you a free service? Basically your saying you would be happy if they found a major issue with the car and charged you $1000.00 for repairs? To me it sounds as if they we honest with you and sold you a $10 part. Oh and by they way, you didn't even mention if the gas cap solved your problem.

Here's my advise in a world were you get what you pay for. Shut up and stop bad mouthing a company that was honest with you, dumb ***.


Well no offense but it sounds like you paid for exactly what you got. Thats what pep boys charges to do diagnostics.

You should have just had them read the code or take it somewhere that will read the error code for free.

Alot of orielys, auto zone, advanced auto parts, and napa will all do it for free and something like that should have come up as an error code and not needed diagnostics. Unfortunately that can be the cost of ignorance but you got the service you paid for.

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