San Diego, California

I was a service manager for over 20+ years and they hire technicans that do not know anything!. Plus they rip eveyonr offany way they can.

They don't gave good insurance, they don't give breaks, lunchs and will have you work 10 days in a row with no day off .you can get hurt and they will not gave you worker's comp!!!and you can start at say $20.00 ahour and if you go out on disabilily you come back and see you have been demoted and are making 13.00 ahpour. so many labor laws.

don't pay double time. the are a big cheap company.EX-Employee.

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$20 per hour????? That doesn't sound accurate....but I do agree with the structure of the company being complete ***, the dm's are meatballs...they hire the mentally handicap- literally that work on people's cars


if you say you were the service manger, and you say that pep boys don't hire technician that don't know nothing then you were the one to blame because you were the service manager, may be pep boys should of look closer when they hires=d you or promoted you lossserrrrrrr


Pep Boys is a very large JOKE!!! I will NEVER EVER AGAIN purchase anything from there!!!


between the racisim , and sexist behaviour of the sales staff i had to leave the insult's to the tire changers and ethnic group's was very offensive to me so i lefy , i should have contacted h.r. but did'nt want to cause a stire good employee's bad management in my own opinion


As a MANAGER isn't it YOUR responsibility to give your employees lunch break and schedule time off? sound like your a lazy ignorant fool,and furthermore im surprise you last 20 years. you should of been fired 20 years ago you old ***!!!!


WOW so u stood there for over 20yrs and post this.Thats weird

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #186625

Thats why you were a service manager were you fired for stealing.


So true about this company. Sick day is not an option with them. If you can stand up and brush your teeth, they expect you to report for work on your scheduled day.

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