I have been visiting the Pepboys location on Bird Road & 107th Ave in Miami for about nine months and on a recent visit they made a believer out of me. My Toyota four runner had developed a noise in the rear since I was near the Toyota dealer I stopped by and them take a look at it.

One hour later the service advisor told that the front left brake caliper, the brake hose, the master cylinder and the rear brakes needed to be replace now or my vehicle would not stop total price $998.00 without the master cylinder. I remember Pepboys and called them, I spoke to Manny the Service Manager and asked him for an estimate on this job. Manny had a service advisor called me back and provided an estimate of $758.00 including the master cylinder. I had the vehicle towed towed to their location, and after a free brake inspection (at toyota was $88.98) I was told that all the vehicle needed was a retaining clip and a spring in the rear left brakes.

They also recommended new front brake pad, recommended only. I had the vehicle repaired and have driven it to Tallahasee, Florida and back without any more problems, the noise is gone and the brakes are fine. Total cost $288.00.

Sure they may not be perfect, but for me honesty in of paramount importance. At least this location is rated excellent and deserves to be recognized for its qualities.

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