Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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A few years back, I took my Toyota pickup to Pepboys for state inspection. The truck had 30,000 miles on it.

I dropped off the truck and told them to call when finished. A few hours later they called and said I h ad a side marker light bulb out. I said to go ahead and replace it. Then they said my rack and pinion steering needed replaced also and it would cost around $2000.

I told them to get my truck out of their f___ing garage immediately. I had no vibration or odd tire wear in the steering of this vehicle. I then went to a Toyota dealer and had them pay particular attention to the steering. They inspected the truck and nothing was wrong with the steering.

I went back to Pepboys with my receipt stating the steering was fine and asked for my money back for the inspection fee. They would not do it, so I emailed and called their corporate HQ with no reply. So I have never gone into a Pepboys and never will.

OH, by the way, I just traded in this truck with over 200,000 miles on it with the original steering. Pep boys is known for doing work that is not necessary..

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The truck ran till 200,00 thus proving PB was trying rip him off.God will judge some day.


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