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Hello Guys,

I got very bad experience with Pep boys Auto at Marlton, New jersey location. This whole thing is done in 3days.

This is I am writing for not to get cheated by others.

This is all about my observation from my bad experience. It is lengthy but worth to read.You can get an idea how they are trying to cheat us.I am not good at written English so please excuse me If I cannot explain well.

My car details: 2002, Oldsmobile, Intrigue.Car Issue: Service engine soon light turned on

My experience with Pep boys Auto: I went to Pep boys Auto and gave for diagnose the issue. They said $103.96(89.99 +parts 7.17 +tax). I said Okay and gave for diagnose the issue. They called me after diagnose the issue and told that the issue with "˜Air pump diverter valve' (front one is damaged) needs to be changed (they recommended to change both valves front and rear).

I asked him how much the cost for part and labor is?They said $69 for labor and part value is $371 (for front part only).

I told him I will call you back for the confirmation to change.

I tried to find out the rate from GMC dealer, when I find nearest dealer from Pep boys. I got Marlton New jersey, I got Burn Buick - Pontiac- GMC (This dealer is apposite side of the road to pep boys auto (500 W RTE 70)). I called to this dealer and gave my car VIN and part name then the guy gave me the rate is $259 (front part only).

I called Pep boys and asked him which one is the best to get repair in low cost (I mean shall I go to the dealer or get repair with the Pep boys which one is best?). He said I will call you back around 11am. I said Okay.

I got call from Pep boys and he said that the rate is around $304 for the part. Then I asked him why is the rate is much variation with the dealer? He said you can buy that part and bring that to here so that we can fix it and charge for only labor.

I said Okay and I went to the Pep boys Auto and asked for diagnose report for bring the part. He said there is no diagnose report only they will say orally and by hand writing.Asked him to write the part name in a piece of paper. He gave me the Pep boys Auto Business card to write the part name, then I took that and write on that required part name.

Conversation with GMC dealer Parts department Guy (Rich):

Then I went to Burn Buick - Pontiac- GMC dealer to get the part. I gave that Pep boys Auto business card because I wrote the part name on that card. (My doubt has started here). When I gave the card he immediately called to that Pep boys Auto. I Shocked.(In generally if we ask the part he should give the part and give the bill but he directly called to Pep boys). Here we can understand how the relation ship between them.After he spoke with that Pep boys guy he told me the rate $298+tax (it will comes around $304). Then I told him I spoke today morning with your parts department and they told $259. (Here we can see his expressions in his face). Then he called to Pep boys again and told him about this issue. He spoke with him and trying to hide the issue. This dealer guy is told me, he doesn't have those parts and the cost is $259 each after 20minutes and he said you should change the front and rear valve parts. If I want that, I need to give order. He gave me the estimation invoice with the parts details.

Next day I called Pep boys Auto and said that to fix the issue because I did not get the part from dealer. He said Okay and he is going to give order for that part (I asked him to replace front part only).

After 1hr I called again to Pep boys and told him I need car before 5pm on that day. He said it is not possible. So I said to cancel the order and do Oil change only. He said Okay but if order cannot be able to cancel, I should pay the part cost. I requested him to try to cancel the order, he said Okay.

He called me and told me that my car is ready with only Oil change. I said Okay and I will come for pickup my car.

I went for pickup my car to Pep boys Auto. Actual required repair is not done, So I asked diagnose report for my future reference, If I need to repair my car in other Auto repair shop. Here is my question I asked Pep boys auto service people:

1. If I want to repair my car in another auto repair center, I need the diagnose report so that I can ask them to replace the part. ( Bcz I don't want to pay again $100 for diagnose in another auto repair center).

Answer: But he (Joe) said There is no diagnose report only they will tell orally other wise they will write by hand. (For getting this sentence from them I got ½ hr time). My request is declined from starting of my discussion. After ½ hr another senior aged person came and write required part name on my invoice paper (Initially they written on my back side of invoice envelop).

Conclusion:Cheated by the Dealer: 1. GMC dealer guy parts department(Rich) is working for Pep boys not for that particular dealer (its looks like cheating the customer).Cheated by the Pep boys Auto guys:2. Pep boys Guy (Joe) is talking unnecessary things, because we should get repair by the Pep boys or not decision taking by the customer not the Pep boys guys(Their intention is I should get repair in Pep boys). If I was not realized because of this cheating I may be get repair in Pep boys.

I spoke with mainly 3guys totally in this above conversation.1. Michael: He was just did his job (I won't say he is wrong guy)2. Joe: I spoke with this guy ½ hr in above conversation.3. Rich (GMC-dealer): around 20 minutes taken for giving the part rate and availability.

Finally Surprising thing is:

Without get repaired my car is now not turned on "˜Service Engine Soon light'. If the issue is in my car still it should turned on "˜Service Engine Soon Light'.

I think they are tried to cheat me without having the issue in my car, they tried to replace the part (I don't think they will replace the part they will charge me just like that) that means no part should be changed and there is no repair in my car but we get bill for some $300 bucks.

I realized that "˜Service Engine Soon light' is turned on because of doing late Oil change.

Here----They were not even changed the sticker for next mileage for Oil change.

Advise: Be careful guys If you are not careful they can do anything.

Note: This is all my Observation in my experience.

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Leroy, you are just as low a *** as PepBoys manager and the auto dealer! To take advantage of another Human Being is as low as a Pediaphile.

I bet you stiff your own mother!

What a waste of flesh all three of you crooked *** are!

My name is Jerry Bennett in case you have something smart to say!!


Sounds like you need drink less vodka, learn English more better.


So what is the point of OP's post?

He's going back and forth between the dealer and Pep Boys trying to save a couple bucks, of course they're going to get annoyed and tell him to *** off...

To the original poster, either buy $20,000 worth of tools and do your own repairs, or shut the *** up and pay.


GMC and Pepboys are American, you shouldn't trust us to get a job done fast. get a Japanese car, cheap parts and easy labor.

or just learn about cars and take a course on Auto repair. much cheaper much better than blowing money on easy fixes


ok shop fees, what do you think pays for things like wear and tear on lifts and shop tools and how about all the chemicals used to keep up the shop.. a shop fee is no more then $5 to $8.

if we did not charge this fee all shops would look like a local mom and pops dump with broken lifts and tools so heres a goos idea stop *** and pay it or learn how to change your own oil. ive worked in the automotive retail for over 12 years and every where ive worked has this fee..

one question do u *** about the shop fees at the hair dresser or the computer repair shop or anyother kind of shop? No more then likely because they dont tell you about it at least pepboys or any other repair shop tells lets you know you paid it...


I think this SMARTGUY is from Pepboys. I just given info to others not to get cheated.

first you should know how to behave with others. I am not against to anybody.

Pepboys is not my enemy or something like that. So why should i comment on them.

If you take on wrong way then that is not my problem that is ur problem.

Thanks you for your comment.


This guy dosnt even speak English he seems like he has no clue what he is even typing what an ***, none of this even makes sense


I agree. Pep Boys prices are a rip off and some of their guys (Allentown, PA shop) tell you something can't be done that would cost less to you but instead they will get the end result done by going about it a different, more expensive way.

Shop fees are a joke when it comes to oil changes. I believe they use the same rags on my car that they used on other cars, getting 3-4 times the use out of them but they charge every car the same shop fees.

Sears can do an oil change/filter for $19.99 and don't charge shop fees. Why can't Pep Boys do the same?

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #132296

NEVER go to a Pepboys to get work done on yor vehicle. They will charge YOu for the Shop rags they use on every car that goes through the service dept.

Then they will charge you $14.00 for Shop supplies, This is the sheet of paper they put on the seat and floor board, this too os recycled as much as possible. Then they will drive the vehicle around the shop and give you a diagnosis of whats wrong with the car. This will cost you $90.00. Some of these guys just guess and pas the info on to the "service writer", This is usually Bull *** !

The Parts are usually marked up at least 100%. Anyone is better off repairing it themselves......

to Robert #594205

I agree. I got couple of opportunities to see Pep boy spring boro , Miamis burg, OH.

I experienced they believe in cheating the customer. Both times I felt , they did not do good and satisfactory job and charged huge labour charge. Just for changing spark plug cost of $28 , billed ~$175 labour charged. When I asked need to see another estimate.

Then they asked $103.96 diagnosis charge and they did not give the diagnosis report. I was surprised !!! I would suggest stay away as much as you can.

Looks like don't have their basis ethics right.

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