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My driver's side windshield wiper stopped working, my interior light was staying on, and I needed an oil change. Normally, I would have looked at it myself, and changed the oil, but being 7 months pregnant, I had my husband take it in. The charged us almost $200 and all that was done at the end of the visit was an oil change. They made him pay all of the cost of the wiper arm they ordered, overpriced, but insisted that they had contacted all local suppliers and none had any. I found one within 2 calls from the phone book. Also, they charged us for an hour to look for the source of the wiper problem, admitting it took less than 10 minuts. The guy who looked at the interior lights solved the problem by taking out the bulbs. They said we could come back the next day to have someone else look at the interior light, but that they guys looking at it didn't know what to look for!

I called the service manager when my husband handed me the bill he'd paid. I voived my concerns and the guy actually admitted that they basically hosed us. I told him I'd pick up the wiper arm and put it on myself and he said there would be an extra charge. I said they could keep the thing and give me my money back, but he said that the money would be the fee for having to return it to the supplier.

Fortunately, I'm much more convincing in person; or maybe he didn't appreciate me telling everyone that entered the fact that they automatically charge an hour's fee for pulling the car into the garage. I got my part and left without any other costs. Still, it cost more money to get a wiper arm and an oil change than it did for me to replace all four tires on my car two months ago, and they put the wrong oil in it!


Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $180.

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I had R&R to a steering pump because one bolt broke and came out,done at Pep boys. It took them 10 hours to do it and when I got it back only one of the three bolts that held the pump was in it.

When I told them abot it, the manager said that didn't tell them to replace the bolts. I don't know about you, but to me it seems that if three bolts are required and you're doing an R&R, that includes putting all of the bolts in without being told. Kind of like getting new tires put on and not putting air in them because you weren't told to do so or a new battery and not connecting the cables. One thing a business man shouldn't do is argue in front of possible customers about a repair.

I wanted talk to the guy who worked on my vehicle and was told that he had been fired. DUH...No ***! Doinhg things like that. Beleive me, people starting walking out.

A tow truck driver even left with the car HE had!Other than things I can do on my vehicle I dodn't trust Pep Boys. Thank you and have a nice day.


she already said she didn't take the car in you troll. I can't believe people actually come on these little complaint sites to pick on people.



you asked to have something looked at it cost...did you ask if there was a qualified person to look at it...no.. you are smart enough to change your on oil set tivo ect ect..but when you walked up to the counter you didnt have enough common sense to ask ... do you have the personel to fix my car and if so are they quailified


First, that's not even close to the most sexist thing anyone has ever said to me. I grew up in a small town and working on cars was all we had to do...

while my husband is a spoiled city boy. I love him for that, but often forget and let him take care of thngs I should do myself.

I wish it were just a story, but unfortunately that's not the way it is. As to why I didn't diagnose it myself; I was 6 1/2 months pregnant and spent most of my last 3 months on and off bedrest. While I'm capable of changing tires, oil, brakes...

and even setting the TIVO to record and the clock on Mom's old VCR... I prefer to pay a reasonable amount to save myself time.

I have 3 children and better things to do. Unfortunately, it looks like Pep Boys likes to take advantage of that.


Your story sounds like....a story. Do your own oil change?

A woman? hahahaha. That's a good one! If you're so damned smart, why didn't you do your own diagnostics?

Where did you think you were? Goodwill?

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