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Local management phoned me the day after this post, suddenly aware of my dissatisfaction. When I explained the situation, he told me that they wouldnt normally put the car up on a pole to change the altenator, which is what we\'d come in there for after determining thru process of elimination that this was the problem. However, first of all, we are not mechanics. It would stand to reason, that as part of the standart 12pt inspection which every car receives each time it comes in there, they would check it over thoroughly to determine this for themselves.

Secondly, if they didnt put it up on the pole, then he offered no explanation of how the employee just happenned to notice the car was rusted out, AFTER the work had been completed,and said although some places would slap a sticker on it for money, They would not pass it.

He asked ME what I wanted them to do. Well dude, how about a \'Refund?? Some kind of compensation? An apology with feeling? I got big fat nothing from Mr Management. Just like Dr\'s. Veterinarians, and sweethearts, it\'s a miracle when you find one you can trust...My sweetheart and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary this New Years Eve...Miracles do happen! :)

Original review posted by user Jul 27, 2011

We've been loyal Pepboys customers for several years. Couple of weeks ago turned to them when we needed a brand new altenator.

After a long wait they said we needed an altenator belt as well,but were waiting for it to arrive from the parts store, as the one they were trying to install was too small.

Another hour and they still struggled to get the new one on. Wound up costing us an extra $100 or so for the part and "labor." After we paid, THEN were told it would not pass inspection and would likely need to be junked, due to rust.

Do you think they didnt see the rust condition the minute they put it up on the pole? If they'd warned us right away that it wouldnt pass inspection, we wouldve foregone the new parts, junked it and Earned ourselves $300. Now the search for an honest mechanic begins anew. Any recommendations? And don't say VIP - thats a story for another day lol

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Installation.

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So did you say you wanted a refund when they asked what you wanted to do?

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