Savannah, Georgia

I took my 2002 98 thousand miles suzuki vitara, to pep-boys, ordered a front passenger hub assembly,it was recommended, a few months before this, but I knew I could not afford this at this time, it would also be a second time this part has been replaced.

the front was fixed. then as soon as it was backed out, they told me it was the back hub assembly that needed to be replaced, they asked me who had check my car out before, this happened, I said pep-boys they said nothing.

the front end was about $400.00 that was paid. then a day later my boyfriend stated that he could afford, to pay for the rear, hub assembly, that was another $400.00 after keeping the for the past 5 days, I lost my job because they kept it to long, during this time they stated that they has a hard time getting the axle loose so the could do the bearing, and replace the seal. also during this time,after finally getting the axle loose they stat that they cannot find the right seal.and have to special order it, the part number was wrong. so I finally get my car back, and they told me that the reason they were taking their time was because they did not want o mess up my car, it would be expensive, to fix.

I drive off, backing out was fine, went to the mall backing out was fine,went to the gas station. pulled up, fine, then when I was leaving, I could not back my car out of the packing spot,I had to walk home,1 mile , I hope this is not my transmission.

what do I do now. please help.I live in Savannah, Ga I refuse to pay for the tow, and I refuse to pay for the repair, I do hope it is just needing transmission fluid

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Ah yes the pleasures of owning a low production foreign car. The hub problem is not related to the transmission problem.

It sounds like you fix things after they go horribly wrong and do not do preventative maintenance.

For example when did you last check all the fluids under the hood yourself? Take time to read your owners manual, it will save you a lot of grief if you follow the recommendations in it.


call the pepboys and get it towed back. even if they dont work on it they will out-source and pay for the bill if it was their fault

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